i30 i35



New pushbuttons i30 and i35, manufactured and assembled in Italy, are thought to solve with just one product all needs of the "standard" market, paying particularly attention to quality. The manufacturing process is entirely based on owned machineries and equipments and is completely managed by us in our factory, this guarantees a constant and high-grade quality over the time.


  • Front mounting with threaded ring
  • Mobile part diameter 30 or 35 mm
  • Thickness behind the lower plate at 15 mm
  • Stainless steel pushbutton surface, sliding parts in polycarbonate class V0
  • Braille code / Relief or backlit relief, both compliant EN 81-70
  • Banking exit plan with green ferrule compliant EN 81-70
  • Stroke of only 0,7 mm, actuating force 3N
  • Contacts NO+NC 3A 125Vac (2NO for the alarm button)
  • Lights 12/24 V AC/DC
  • Ultra-flat screw terminals easy to use, integrated into the body of the button
  • Simplified serial connections on demand