Smart power source system


T.ali is a smart power source system DC-DC / AC-DC with battery charger for Ni-Mh, Pb, Li-Po, Ni-Cd batteries. A sofisticated and effective software optimizes charger procedure according to the type of battery connected to it, of the voltage, the current, the time and temperature, maximizing its functionality and endurance. Useful to guarantee the functioning of lifts telealarm systems and emergency lamps, also in case of black-out.


  • Intelligent managing of the charge
  • Manual and automatic discharge
  • Inputs and outputs protected from short-circuit
  • Reportings on the functioning status: Test, Error, Charge
  • Data Communication Bus
  • Battery Test: local, remote, automatic
  • Input power: from 12 to 24 Vac or from 18 to 34 Vdc
  • Maximum output current: 800 mA
  • 3 outputs: one of 12 Vdc, one of 12 or 6 Vdc, one of 12 Vdc that is powered only in case of black-out
  • Reporting of the following malfunctionings: no battery, damaged battery, absence of input voltage, environmental temperature over the limits, output in short-circuit