Teseo 2.0

Software Application

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Software application designed for easily and smartly managing Alarm calls and Reporting calls coming from lift telealarm devices and for controlling their right functioning.

Client server structure, Multi-line and Multi-operator

Analogical, Voip and GSM telephone lines

Compact solution with touch screen monitor



  • Teseo receives events, memorizes them into a database and performs scheduled notification operations such as: archiviation, transferring the call to a phone operator, sending of e-mails and/or sms or other.
  • The phone operator can view the position of the alarmed lift on the on-line map or on a local drawing, he can open the data sheet, activate the recording of the communication occurred, add notes, call a lift, hold a communication and answer to other incoming calls.
  • With Teseo it is possible to manage quite all communication protocols used by lift telealarm systems: DTMF, KONE CPC, Ademco Contact-ID, SMS, CLI Caller ID, P100 and many other protocols owned by different manufacturers.