Telealarm for GSM line

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T.gsm is a telealarm for GSM line with an integrated GSM quad band module. Flexible and technological solution, ease of installation and programming; compatible with communication protocols of the most of call centers. Installation close to the control panel, on the top of the cabin or anywhere else with a good GSM signal reception.



  • Standard intercom and telephone terminals supported
  • 3 independent telephones for maintainers alarm (Top of the cabin, Pit, Machine Room)
  • System voice messages, programming help messages and data verification messages, also multilanguages
  • Local and remote programming, also by sms
  • Alarm and technological input programmable NO or NC
  • 1 input programmable as Filter or Auxiliary Alarm
  • 2 technological inputs programmable also for car GONG
  • Test 72h programmable and on demand
  • 5 telephone numbers to call for car and maintainers alarm
  • 7 telephone numbers to call for: Alarm End, Test call, Battery Alarm, Auxiliary Alarm, Technological Alarms, Low Credit and SIM expiration
  • Report and alarm procedures completely independent for each function
  • Sending alarms and reports in Voice, CLI or SMS modalities
  • P100, Ademco Contact ID, and our own communication protocols
  • 2 relays for alarm sent and alarm received or for telecontrol functions
  • GSM signal control
  • Intercom functions between the system and a telephone connected to it
  • Self-diagnosis Test with vocal alerts