Teledif Italia S.r.l. and Robertelli Arduino S.r.l. through a joint venture choose to bring together their experience and their technologies to launch the brand QUALITY LIFT®.

This activity originates from the mutual and firm belief that cooperation is the main road to success and, nevertheless, to guarantee to Clients products and solutions of undisputed quality at the best price.

Into the QUALITY LIFT catalogue, that you can find on this website, you will find a summary of TELEDIF's and ROBERTELLI's production: pushbuttons, panels, displays, locks, telealarms, battery chargers, softwares, mechanical and electronical products and components for lifts, developed to guarantee functionality, appareance and safety on every LIFT.

The way we are committed to follow is to provide to our italian and foreign Customers, not matter how big or little they are, italian technology and design at the best price and with the higher possible assistence.

Thank you for your visit and the trust you will give us.

Aurelio Di Gregorio and Gianni Robertelli