Working with love binds us to our Customers


Turin 4th August 1993, TELEDIF Italia was founded with the mission of designing and manufacturing electronic systems for the telecommunications industry.

Our Customers

In recent years we have sold over 500,000 products to more than 3,500 companies in telephony and lifts industries.

Our systems and our softwares are installed at the airports of Linate and Malpensa in Milan, the Court of Naples, Kone Elevators Paravia Elevators, Policlinico Gemelli in Rome and many other organizations and italian hospitals.

Over the years we obtained the trust of companies such as: TELECOM, BOSCH, TENOVIS, AVAYA, SAMSUNG, ERICSSON, AASTRA, ALCATEL, SELTA, SAIET, SCHINDLER, KONE, PARAVIA, OTIS, DEL BO and many other elevator installers and maintainers.

Among the first customers we immediatly include leading companies of the telephony industry such as SAFNAT, TIE ITALY, TRUCCO, FARFISA and many telephone switchboards installers .

Our products

From 1993 we have designed over 50 different product codes: lift telealarms for public telephone line and GSM, vocal announcers, displays, power suppliers, emergency lamps, thermostats, timers, digital fonie, responders, telcos, telephones, intercoms, GSM gateways, encoders and custom products.

In 1995, we designed our first lift telealarm system (UNICO TSA) compliant 95/16CE. Today, we produce four different telealarm models for PSTN and GSM lines, compliant to the latest regulations issued and ready for those in the future.

Our first product was the "DIGIVOX", a unit of digital voice for telephone replies and line-holding.


Quality procedures, as cinfirmation of continuous improvement, are driving each employee of our company.

Since 2002 we are certified ISO 9001. All our employees are involved in the drafting and revision of procedures and manuals.

Social and Environmental committment

Teledif is a founding member of APIRAEE: a voluntary and non-profit consortium born to promote and manage the proper disposal of electrical and electronic equipment.

TELEDIF Italia has always and consistently supported charitable initiatives in Italy and in various developing countries in the world with the Missionaries and the Laicato Saveriano.


And after 20 years in business, we are proud to still have the trust of our first client.

«We continue to work with love»